Titratable Acid Measuring Test Kit


About the Country Wines Acid Test Kit for Titratable Acidity - TA:

Testing titratable acidity - or TA - is an invaluable tool when making wine, cider, or mead. The Country Wines TA test kit is an easy and affordable way to measure the amount of tartaric acid in your wine or other beverage. This TA test kit includes thorough instructions, a syringe, beaker, and enough reagents for many tests. The included reagents are a 1% phenolphthalein indicator solution and 0.1N Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH - neutralizing solution.

NOTE: For red wines, a pH meter is recommended as the indicator may be difficult to see.

What is Titratable Acidity?

While most people are familiar with the term pH when talking about acidity, fewer understand titratable acidity or the difference between pH and TA. Both involve the dueling forces of hydroxide OH- and hydrogen H+ ions. The measurement of pH reveals only the ratio of the two ions in a solution, whereas TA gives the number of hydrogen ions present in a given volume.

Why Does TA Matter?

While pH is a very useful number to have, it isn't all that useful in determining how acidic something will taste. This is where TA comes in, titrable acidity is strongly correlated with perceived acidity. By finding the TA of your must, you can predict the perceived acidity of the final product. 

How to Use

The kit comes with complete instructions. You should plan to replace the Neutralizer reagent each year.