Kegs To Go: All You Need to Know

To order a keg to go please call 503-648-4254.

Very conveniently located right off of Highway 26 between Cornelius Pass and Brookwood, we are right on the way to the Coast and 13 minutes to downtown Portland.  Mainbrew sells "kegs to go" for home kegerators, parties, weddings, barbecues and even to pubs and bars that need kegs quickly.  We also rent hand-pump party taps.  We sell red Solo cups as well.  Prices for our rental equipment and cups are listed below.  

Commercial kegs come in 6 sizes, with four of them being most widely available.  Not all kegs come in all sizes, and many kegs only come in 1/6 barrel and full-sized (either 1/2 barrel, or 50 liter).  

Almost all kegs - no matter the size - have a $30 refundable deposit on top of the price of the beer (kegs such as Block 15, Pfriem, and Helvetia Cider charge  an $85 deposit).  You get the deposit refunded back to you when you bring back the metal keg shell.

1/6 barrel kegs (5.15 gallons) = 41 pints
1/4 barrel kegs, tall slim (7.75 gallons) = 62 pints
1/4 barrel kegs pony squat (7.75 gallons) = 62 pints (rare)
30 liter kegs (7.92 gallons) = 65 pints (rare)
50 liter kegs (full-sized) (13.2 gallons) = 105 pints
1/2 barrel kegs (full sized) (15.5 gallons = 124 pints


There are over 4000 kegs available to purchase through the course of the year.  Many are seasonals that come and go in a few weeks, and won't come back again until a year later.  Most breweries's "flagship beers" (Fort George Vortex, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Widmer Hefeweizen, Pfriem IPA, etc etc) are available year round. Most macro-beers (Coors Light, Budweiser, PBR, Modelo Especial, etc) are also available year round. 

To order a keg to go please call 503-648-4254.

We try to stock as many kegs as we can, but we also want weekly turn-over so that beers that we sell are fresh and do not sit around.   Because of that, Mainbrew's "in-house" inventory changes literally hour to hour.  We get deliveries of kegs almost every day, but also sell kegs out the door all day.  We usually have over one hundred kegs in stock, but for any particular keg we might have three in stock on one day, and zero available for four days after that.  

To guarantee a keg that is available in the Portland area, it is best to pre-order the keg at least one week in advance.  That way - if it is available at the warehouses - you will have an excellent chance of receiving it.  If you pre-order a few days in advance you have a good chance of getting that keg -- and by just walking in and choosing a beer off the board you will be mostly guaranteed that you get a beer at least in the style that you are looking for, but not necessarily the *exact* keg you are looking for.  It is a risk.

To order a keg to go please call 503-648-4254.

We rent hand-pump party taps for $20 rental fee and a $40 refundable deposit.  When you return the party tap, you will receive your $40 back.  


We also exchange (swap) empty CO2 bottles for filled ones for home kegerators.  Our CO2 is food-grade.  Call for current pricing.

Let us know if you have any questions and to order a keg
please call 503-648-4254.  Thanks!