CO2 tank: Is It Empty? And Where To Get It Filled?


How to tell if my CO2 Tank is empty?
The gauges on the regulator DO NOT tell you how much gas is left in your tank,  it is less like a fuel gauge and more like a fuel light.
On the side of your tank you should have a "Tare Weight" usually indicated by TW with a number in LBS or KG.  The only real way to tell if your tank is empty is to weight it, any weight over the TW is the weight of the gas in the tank (i.e. the TW says 8LBS and you weight it and it weights 10LBS, you have 2LBS of gas in the tank.).
Where to get my CO2 tank filled?
We unfortunately do not fill CO2 tanks, however we do have an exchange program.
$20.00 for a 2.5-pound bottle 
$25.00 for a 5-pound bottle
$35.00 for a 10-pound bottle
$45.00 for a 20-pound bottle
Bring in your empty bottle and we will exchange it for a flat fee. You then own the exchanged bottle and walk away with a fresh tank of gas.