Precision Labs pH Strips

  • Customizable water-resistant label
  • 100 test strips
  • Flip-top opaque vial
  • Quick, accurate test
  • pH range: 2.8-4.4 SDS

Suitable for: fresh water samples, homebrew,  wine, water from taps, wells, springs, boreholes, ponds, as well as rain water

How to Use:

  1. Remove one test strip from the vial.
  2. Dip the test pad into the solution being tested for 1-2 seconds.
  3. Remove the test strip and compare against the color chart within 10-15 seconds. Do not let the test pad dry before reading against the color chart.

Note: Samples with intense color may adversely affect results. To reduce the color effect on the test strip when testing red wine, use activated carbon (like that used in aquarium filters) to help take the color out of the solution sample. This method doesn’t appear to affect the pH of the solution. The strip may also be tested for efficacy by dipping it into a solution of one cup of water and a capful of vinegar.

Contains: 100 strips