Cocoa Nibs, 4 ounce bag


Crush and add to boil or fermenter for a delicious bittersweet chocolate flavor. 

Roasted Cacao nibs from Ecuador. Cacao nibs are the crushed seeds of the cacao plant from which chocolate is made. They can be used to add a rich cocoa/chocolate aroma and flavor to beer.

Dosage depends on the beer and the amount of flavor desired. We tend to recommend 2-4 oz. per 5 gallon batch as a starting place. The nibs can be added late in the boil, but keep in mind this will extract some bitterness out of the nibs. For a smoother contribution, add in the secondary for a week or two. Cacao nibs are a great addition to dark beers such as brown ales, porters, and stouts, but feel free to experiment with this fun ingredient in other styles as well!

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