Hop Rhizomes - NOW AVAILABLE


Hop Rhizomes are now available for pre-order for Spring 2021.  Hops can only be planted in early Spring and will be available only while supplies last, no later than early May.  Get them now and grow your own! 

Varieties Available

Cascade - classic NW all-purpose citrusy hop.
Alpha 5 -8

Centennial - a super-charged Cascade - lots of citrus. 
Alpha 8 - 12

Chinook - lots of piney and dank flavors.  Great for stouts.
Alpha 10 - 13

Fuggle - classic English bittering hop, woody flavors. 
Alpha 3 - 6

Goldings - classic English flavoring hop, herbal qualities. 
Alpha 3 - 6  

Mt Hood - an American hybrid form of German Hallertau, flowery. 
Alpha 3 - 6

Magnum - a very clean, super German bittering hop.
Alpha 13 - 18

Nugget - herbal and citrus bittering hop.   Best hop I've seen for decorative cover and vigorous growth on top of arbors, gazebos, etc.
Alpha 12 - 16

Willamette - an American form of Fuggles, woody and aromatic.
Alpha 3 - 6

American hybrids were actually made because European root stock did not grow as well here in the Northwest as they did in Germany and England, so the roots were hybridized to adapt to our Northwest climate.  In my opinion, Liberty and Mt Hood have more "Hallertauer quality" than Hallertauer-root hops grown in the Northwest - they are better adapted to show their true quality than roots transplanted from elsewhere.  And Willamette is a better "Fuggles" than Fuggles, grown here in the NW.  My opinion.