Liquor Quik Rum Turbo Pure, 72g


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LIQUOR QUIK™ Rum Turbo Pure™" is a new Rum Turbo Yeast with minerals nutrients and vitamins. Makes 25 liters (6 USG)
62 grams (2.18 oz.)

Instructions on package:

Pour 21L (5.5 gallons) of warm water (104F) into a plastic fermenter. Add 2.3kg (5lbs) of table sugar and 4kg (9lbs) of fancy molasses into the water. Mix well until sugar and molasses is completely dissolved. Top up the fermenter to the 25L (6.5USG) mark. Add the yeast and stir for one minute. DO not seal the fermenter airtight as the resulting CO2 will need to escape. Leave to ferment between 75-95F until fermentation ceases (about 3 days) Optimum temp is 86F. COmplete fermentation time are temperature dependent. For best results, clear with Super-Kleer K.C. before distilling.