Oak Chips, 1 Pound Bags


Oak Chips are a fast and economical way to add oak barrel flavor to any beer or wine.

Oak Chips are made from seasoned American and French Oak staves which are chipped down and toasted to create flavors similar to what you'd get from a barrel.

The available toast levels are Medium and Heavy. It's important to understand that each toasting level creates different flavors in the oak; not a greater intensity of impact in your beer. Don't think of them as weak, normal & strong; they're each a different flavor profile.

Medium toast American Oak chips bring aromatic sweetness and a campfire/roasted coffee attribute,

Heavy Toast American Oak chips will impart strong flavors of Vanilla & Char, with a small note of Clove. These chips will not impart the coconut flavor often characteristic of lower toast American oaks.

Medium Toast French Oak chips are sourced from a cooper (barrel maker) in Napa, CA. They deliver clove and spice flavors of medium intensity, along with strong flavors of Butterscotch & perceived sweetness.

Heavy Toast French Oak chips will impart strong flavors of Clove, Spice, Smoke & Butterscotch; along with a small amount of Vanilla & Coconut flavor.

Because of the high surface area, oak chips can extract quickly and care should be taken not to overdo it. Taste your beer frequently after the first week of contact and be ready to rack off the oak chips.

Suggested Dosage is 1-3 oz per 5 gallons.   You can add more after a few weeks if it does not seem oaky enough for you.