"Do It From Scratch" Red Grape Winemaking Kit


This kit is mostly built for the winemaker that wants to brew using red grapes.  It includes:
  • an 24-gallon primary plastic fermenter
  • a 6-gallon Better Bottle carboy
  • a 5-gallon Better Bottle carboy
  • a 1 gallon glass jug
  • a heavy-duty double-lever corking device 
  • a triple-scale glass hydrometer 
  • a racking cane/siphon-starter combo 
  • six-feet of siphon tubing
  • a hose clamp 
  • an airlock 
  • 2 rubber stoppers 
  • a spring-loaded bottle filler 
  • a stick-on exterior thermometer 
  • 20 Campden tablets
  • 4 oz Bottle of Star San Sanitizer
  • Book: "Home Winemaking Step-by-Step" by Jon Iverson